Message from the Director

Preschool education has become far more important today than it ever in the past, with parents planning the school they would desire their child should go to, even when the child is as young as 6 months of age.

Some of us may wonder as to what is the right age for a child to begin going to school. The first myth that we must do away with is, that a school is a place where the child would feel restricted and bound. On the contrary, it is a place where the child is liberated and free, yet learning constantly. Structured play in the company of facilitators and peers is a much more effective mode of learning compared to the unstructured pale at home, inattentively supervised.

That’s the philosophy we had in mind as we conceived The Learning Place International Preschool and we will live up to our conviction and our philosophy.

We intend to bring a fine tuning of play based, theme based, inquiry based and objective based learning to the Preschool segment. A perfect blend of the finest curriculum, great implementation and execution supported by State-of-the-Art infrastructure and facilities. We also run innovative after-school programs by the name of Young Chefs Academy and Engineering for Kids.

So, it’s time to let the child rediscover herself and the world around her in the secure precincts of The Learning Place International Preschool.

Siddharth Todi

Aparna Todi

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